Wednesday, October 14, 2009

H1N1- Huh what No way

My mother rarely calls. She called the other morning frantic. "Pregnant women are dropping like flies. I just wanted to call to make sure you are getting the H1N1 vaccine." "No Mom, I'm not. Besides this first dose, the nose spray is a live virus and they are suddenly saying for pregnant women NOT to get it." Not that I would have, or any LIVE virus for that matter. "Yes I know you aren't supposed to get the nasal spray, but next week the shot comes out, you must make sure to get it early before they run out." "No Mom. I am NOT getting it. It's not worth the risks." In fact, as of the first week of October 2009, only 28 women who happened to have been pregnant have died, across the globe.

She suddenly realized she had something more urgent to attend to and hung up.

I am out of work after 2 lay-offs in 6 months. Full-time to Part-time to No-time. I only come into contact with people at church and the grocery. NOT TO SAY that I am anymore protected than others who ARE working daily in an office. But my chances of contact are lower.

The U.S. has already purchased at least 312 million doses of two proprietary, patented adjuvants: MF59 from Novartis and ASO3 from GlaxoSmithKline.  Not one scientific study has ever established the long-term safety of adjuvants and none have ever been approved for use in vaccines for humans.

Just the common flu ingredients are enough to make you cringe! First, egg proteins.... I'm not even supposed to eat ceasar dressing (during pregnancy) due to egg yolk... If I can't have my ceasar, I am NOT injecting it. Formaldehyde again. Thimerosal is a form of mercury. Squalene is an oil based adjuvant (never approved to be used in the US) can cause blindness and autoimmune dysfunction - more than 24 peer-reviewed scientific papers from 10 labs from 4 countries have documented autoimmune problems in animals due to this chemical specifically. HUMAN DIPLOID TISSUE - LOOK IT UP! YOU WILL BE APPALLED.

My final concern with this is that the same shot is not only given to infants, but to full grown men... the same dosage... that is "safe?" Again with the child that is only 20 lbs.

So will I be getting it? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

*For the record a lot of researching was done before I completely dismissed the idea of this vaccination*

**UPDATE** Just found a story about an adverse reaction to the common flu shot. This woman is now unable to walk correctly. What she has is Dystonia.