Saturday, July 31, 2010

SPF and Baby

OK a subject I know NOTHING about! I have lived in Florida almost my entire life so life without sunscreen is really not an option. I didn't realize sunblock and sunscreen were different things though! Did you?

One is oil based and sits on your skin, one has to be absorbed into your skin. Kinda makes me want to throw up. Last time I slathered oil on my skin was in my teens when I thought it was cool to get as brown as I could. I am paying for that mistake... but I also don't want chemicals to be absorbed into my skin.

Add Baby to the equation... oh dear! I generally just keep Atlas well covered in clothes, but when we are just out taking a walk and he is strapped to me, his legs and arms still get a lot of sunshine! The one day we went to the beach for a birthday party I DID put a thick layer all over him.. but we also got in the pool almost immediately, so I am sure it washed off pretty quick, the pool was also in the shade, so that probably helped.

I stumbled across this blog that talks about the different sunscreens, and she reviews a TON of natural ones! It is all just more information than I can absorb (har har) right now.

What do you use, when did you start using it... should I REALLY be concerned?

Relactating - Getting Baby Back to Breast

I am not speaking from personal experience. But I am researching this and I would LOVE comments from you!

A girlfriend of mine recently told me that she was breastfeeding when she got a clogged duct which lead to an infection and pain and cracked nipples and to ending her breast feeding experience of her now 2 month old. It sounded like she was sad about it, and vaguely mentioned relactating. So I looked it up. I had heard of some women who adopt and breastfeed. OMG, right? That's cool!

On week #2 after Atlas was born my left side went flat. Like, pancake flat. There was nothing coming out of it no matter how hard I tried. I called my doula and my midwife who told me to start Fenugreek and keep a pump on it every time Atlas nursed from the other side. For me, that worked. The bottle of Fenugreek says to take one pill twice a day. I have heard of women taking as many as 3 pills, 3 times a day. I took two a day  for about a week and even now I take 2-3 pills a week, but once my supply was back I wasn't needing to rely on Fenugreek. I was luckly. To this day (4 months pp) I am pumping 20-35 ounces EXTRA a day and donating to Get PUMPed (they provide milk to Central Florida babies in extraordinary circumstances.) So that is my only personal experience with milk issues.. that, and I wake up nearly nursing on them myself each morning and when I pump at 5am I get 20+ ounces each time!

So I started looking for resources and groups to help encourage my girlfriend, if she was interested. You have to be careful. I don't want anyone thinking that I am a know-it-all and that I think EVERYONE can breastfeed and if they cant then they are being lazy and not sticking it out. Nope, that is not what I want to sound like. One of my lifelong best friends was unable to BF due to PPD, and a happy and healthy mommy makes a happy and healthy baby regardless of where that nourishment is coming from. The alternative can be detrimental.

So I went to BabyCenter and searched for a group and found one! ONLY ONE. Which kinda shocked me... are there really that many people who have to stop and never look to start back up? Does our society just say its now or never and once you stop it's over? It doesn't have to be! How awesome is that?! You can relactate and get back to that intimate bonding with baby!!

Anyone have an experience like this they can share?

Also, if you are looking for baby clubs and free baby coupons, check out THIS POST for a round up of a bunch of them!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Daily Giggle...

Baby Wearing

Did you know there are actually people out there that don't do this?

Freed up hands?! Why the heck would you NOT do it?
"You'll spoil them." Really? Here I thought that was the smell of milk that squirted on his head this morning.

The thought never crossed my mind. I merely thought "Ahhh less crap to lug around... and he is much calmer when I am holding him anyhow."

I was given 3 baby carriers during baby showers... Infantino, Baby Bjorn, and Lillebaby. This is my review.

Brand new baby doesn't fit in Infantino, he fell to one said then the other, not a snug fit, but the most comfortable material by far, very flexible. Now that he is bigger it is a very soft fit, but I cant bend down very well without holding onto the baby.

Baby Bjorn... I never could figure out how to put that thing on, too many straps and it only carried up to about 20 lbs. Returned... SORRY if you are reading this!! We DID register for it and the store credit we got from returning it has lasted us MONTHS!

I figured this next was just like the Baby Bjorn... nope. Lillebaby is wonderful and very few straps, only 2 have to be unsnapped to get myself and the baby into and out of it!

HOWEVER... I bought my Moby Wrap from my midwife a few weeks after Atlas was born. Suddenly I was not confined to a chair or walking a straight line! I immediately cleaned my house and went for a walk! And ya know what, he fell asleep. When we started having trouble going down for the night, I sat with him in the Moby and he would fall right asleep! It also keeps people from grabbing and touching your baby because he is strapped to you and can be enclosed if need be... Also, holds a child up to 50-60 lbs.. I assume maybe even larger, but people dont generally carry 8 year olds around. Did I mention I even looked up how to nurse in a Moby and that worked too!

My favorite kid carrier is the Moby! I am not sure how to work a sling...

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tandum Nursing

The whole idea seems to be beneficial. No one ever told me I could potentially nurse through pregnancy plus nurse and infant with my toddler. I have heard of women losing their milk... but I pump up to 30 oz a day ALONG WITH feeding my baby.. I might not have a problem.

Then I see this picture HERE and I am a little torn. I CAN see the beauty in it... but then I see never enjoying my own breasts again... or allowing my husband to at least. well he aint a "boob guy" anyhow.

What are your thoughts on this article?