Saturday, July 24, 2010

Daily Giggle...

Baby Wearing

Did you know there are actually people out there that don't do this?

Freed up hands?! Why the heck would you NOT do it?
"You'll spoil them." Really? Here I thought that was the smell of milk that squirted on his head this morning.

The thought never crossed my mind. I merely thought "Ahhh less crap to lug around... and he is much calmer when I am holding him anyhow."

I was given 3 baby carriers during baby showers... Infantino, Baby Bjorn, and Lillebaby. This is my review.

Brand new baby doesn't fit in Infantino, he fell to one said then the other, not a snug fit, but the most comfortable material by far, very flexible. Now that he is bigger it is a very soft fit, but I cant bend down very well without holding onto the baby.

Baby Bjorn... I never could figure out how to put that thing on, too many straps and it only carried up to about 20 lbs. Returned... SORRY if you are reading this!! We DID register for it and the store credit we got from returning it has lasted us MONTHS!

I figured this next was just like the Baby Bjorn... nope. Lillebaby is wonderful and very few straps, only 2 have to be unsnapped to get myself and the baby into and out of it!

HOWEVER... I bought my Moby Wrap from my midwife a few weeks after Atlas was born. Suddenly I was not confined to a chair or walking a straight line! I immediately cleaned my house and went for a walk! And ya know what, he fell asleep. When we started having trouble going down for the night, I sat with him in the Moby and he would fall right asleep! It also keeps people from grabbing and touching your baby because he is strapped to you and can be enclosed if need be... Also, holds a child up to 50-60 lbs.. I assume maybe even larger, but people dont generally carry 8 year olds around. Did I mention I even looked up how to nurse in a Moby and that worked too!

My favorite kid carrier is the Moby! I am not sure how to work a sling...