Sunday, December 7, 2014

My personal dōJOURNEY

Way back in 1979 my mom was over 4 weeks late (She says 5 weeks) to birth me, but when I was ready I shot out and the doctor had to run catch me. That is what I hear, I don't remember. Since then I have always dove head first into life. Sometimes a little too fast.
I am Heather Hazen. Bob and I got married in Orlando 6 years ago. Atlas was born at home in 2010. The midwife barely made it in time. His story is HERE. 27 months later Aria arrived. This time the midwife took me more seriously and came immediately. Aria was born after 2 or 3 pushes, this time we managed to actually get the pool set up. Her story is HERE. She was 2 weeks old when we packed up and moved to Pittsburgh.
I homebirth, babywear, don't vax, co-sleep, use elimination communication, tried to cloth diaper, did baby led weaning, nurse FOREVER or until the toddler tells me he or she is done, all the "crunchy" I can think of to try to stay healthy, so it was a natural progression for me to throw out all of our OTC medications and turn strictly to essential oils. I do believe there is a place for modern medicine and prescription drugs. I had thyroid cancer and now have no thyroid, there is not an oil for that, therefore I take a daily prescription. I am grateful for modern medicine when we truly need it!
Just over a year ago I started my JOURNEY into pure essential oils. Before then, I wondered why my humidifier melted each year... turns out my oils were destroying them. There are a few times that come to mind when I think of when I was "WOWed" by my oils. Being from Florida, ice and snow is not something I am used to living in. I had a slip and fall just outside my house while the family played inside. I can see it in slow motion, both feet, same time, flew out in front of me, I landed, banged my butt and barely missed banging my head. The phone in my hand flew away and broke into 3 pieces. I muffled out a few "help me"s and couldn't yell loud enough to make a difference. I somehow found the strength to slowly hobble inside and face-plant the couch. My husband started using dōTERRA oils on me immediately and every 15 minutes. Within 2 hours I was able to walk. I was sore for probably a week. I could also tell you about the time my whole family had the flu for 48 hours... but that is boring, we sat on the couch and didn't move; we just oiled each other every 30 minutes. I think we watched Frozen 8 times.
I started sharing my dōTERRA oils before I knew I was sharing them. Within the first month of getting my kit, 2 of my friends heard that I was using them and both immediately signed up under me. I worried I would have to sound pitchy to sell the oils. I was wrong. I barely mentioned it and people start asking questions. I love to talk about them, so I will take the time to help give them any information they are looking for. I really love that if I ever have a question, I can ask one of my up-lines and get information immediately. I also LOVE calling dōTERRA's customer service! They are so friendly and knowledgeable. Every time I get off the phone with them, I wish I worked there.
In under a year my oils were paying for themselves. I am not a sales person kind of girl. We don't have any extra money, so assuming other people do is not happening. I have never encouraged any of the larger enrollment kits, but I have had several people pretty much demand that is the kit they are getting and they go on to do LRP each month. It's hard not to fall in love with your oils. It has been so easy to get my oils paid for that I hope one day it becomes a second income. But again... without being pushy. Look how word has spread so fast!! I have people asking every day! All I have to do is share and give them samples. The oils do all the work.
I am Heather Hazen. I am an Executive with dōTERRA. My Wellness Advocate # is 641187