Friday, January 7, 2011

Worst Dream ever came tue

My pastor and his wife and my favorite coupls from church Steve and June (June has recently fought a very evil and aggressive cancer.) It is due to being scared over losing her that I chose to get this done. 

They were going to take half and pathology was going to test it. IT came back bad enough that Dr Bibliowics could not take the chance. He removed the whole thing. He believes it is malignant. I forget the wording. He said he could not leave it in there. Not sure how bad it was or where any spreading may have taken place. - Mom is telling me that the nodule was hard. Completely encapsulated, like when an oyster finds a piece of sand and encapsulated it to protect its self. That means that it might not have opened and anything in it would be safely contained. Praise God!

My neck aches to move, my throat is scratchy as hell, I have taken 3 hours to eat an Ensure (btw strawberry is gross I<3strawberries in real life) 2 oz of apple juice, vanilla pudding, 1/2 chicken broth, beef broth, a sierra mist, lots of ice and some water.

I have managed to (just now) pump 4 ounces in the past hour.

Stella called Bob. Atlas was in consolible so he werent home but came back... I sent him home an hour later. Mom is here.

Surgery took about 3 hours, then I was in recovery 2 hours while they found me a room. I asked for a window... that didnt really take so much longer, but I did get to hang up my rainbow maker, I excepted to wake up to rainbows in the morning.

I'm sorry, I am falling asleep again and not sure how much of this makes sense. I will update it later

All details are/will be on beamommydandelion . blogspot . com

Here it comes

Friday January 7th, 2010
12:25pm - 3:00pm
God Speed to me.