Saturday, March 20, 2010

The little man surgery

Oh it is nice that there is a father here. Otherwise the debate with myself would be horrible. Men play dumb.. what you don't know wont hurt you. But women are nosey by nature and want the details no matter the gore.

My husband wants nothing to do with researching HOW it is done or with what. Me, I searched and even watched the videos. Barbaric.

But I told him early on this was a "Daddy-decision." And Daddy made the decision without hesitation. However I was the one who made the phone calls and set up the interviews. And in those interviews it was important to me to know what tools were used. Of course I want to like the doctor too. But we are going to use my family doctor for our baby boy's doctor.

We've been to meet and greet with two offices. The first one uses the bell device and we got a mere wave from the actual doctor as we were toured by. The second one uses the Gomco clamp but the actual doctor toured us and was super pleasant. For the record, I think the bell seems more humane and clean. I want a clear cut without a lot of tugging and I just feel that with the clamp, there is more movement which might allow more chances to slip or tear. But that is just MY observation.

I looked to post pictures... but I cant find any that are detailed enough to show you anything. Just google them.

We have one more pediatrician to interview. I don't think Daddy will make it to that one since he'll be at work. So I will have to report back.

I did learn that the pediatricians will not require the HepB (the first shot) at the circumcision appointment... as long as that is the "first" appointment. They said that would just be too traumatic. uhhh-huhhhh... and why is that? Barbarianism and toxins?