Sunday, March 6, 2011

Attachment Parenting is what you make it.

I am part of a mommy group. They claim to be attachment parents, but when I admit that YES MY BABY CRIES... I feel as if I just hung Jesus on the cross myself.

Atlas was in his crib the day he turned 2 months old, we both slept like royalty after that. I used an exaggerated Ferber method to get him to sleep through the night when he stopped doing it at 8 months old.... 2-6 months was a breeze!!! We EC, but some mornings I would rather go for a run than put him on the potty and read and wait for magic to happen. I nurse him to this day, but at 9 months old we finally introduced solids. And boy oh boy have we pushed this kid to walk! 10 months old, I tell ya! He was taking steps and walking with only one hand in mine! Now, 11 months he is walking with a goal --- he sees daddy or me and wants to go there, he stands up and moves.. doesn't mean he makes it all the way there without a chin-bump-to-the-ground... but he can!

So while I hate labels... and I have never been into "attachment" parenting as a "what makes me a mom"... I find that the hard core AP moms make me feel like a loser. And THAT I am NOT!

I stumbled on this post... read it. Just trust me on this. Go HERE.