Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What's wrong with these posts?!

From an email I got today from Babycenter.com... Of course I clicked each link.
 The thing is, every last one of them was about GETTING the shots asap. My DH thinks it is a conspiracy theory that so many people "are making excuses as to why to NOT get the shots" ... for f'n real. Even the link about DELAYING says that "but an infant is so much more susceptible to all these things that are going to kill them." If you are keeping your kid out of the sun (as dr recommended) for the first 6 months, then how much chance do they have at contracting HepB?! Really? 

Of course I know that is not how you get HepB. I just think that getting some of these shots are just as logical as that statement.

HEY!!! Make sure to read Babycenter for EVERYTHING you need to know about vax.  Then shoot me please. The conspiracy theory isn't in those not wanting to shoot up their kids with chemicals.

If I even have any readers at this point.. what are YOUR thoughts on these links?