Monday, August 15, 2011

IVs during Labor hinder TRUE Birth Weight

WOW! This article made me really start thinking. Those women who are made to think their breast milk has not done its job and it is not "in" yet... that urgency to FIX it and do something unnatural...??

A baby will lose weight after birth (unless you are my kid who has never lost an ounce) that is normal. How fast they add it back on is when doctors worry.

But are you birthing in a hospital? Do you have an IV? That fluid they are pumping into the mother has a direct effect on the baby's weight. He gets what mom gets. When his weight straightens out, a LOT has to do with how much fluid he got during labor.... as well as when his cord was cut (that is a different discussion... did you know a baby's placenta will suck back up to 1/3rd of the childs blood before birth to make labor easier? It makes the baby smaller and his heart rate drop so that the trauma is less.)

I found this article and it makes me feel bad for those mom s who have been made to feel inadequate.