Wednesday, January 12, 2011

No escapees is GREAT news!

A girlfriend and her baby boy came over today to help out with the changing-of-the-moms (sheets, laundry, linens, baby while MIL packed) She stayed while my husband and I went to our follow-up appointment. This was the one where we learn what the final results of the pathology were. The FINAL dissection of the thyroid.

The cancer was completely encapsulated!


The left side with the nodule was the only thing that (I guess) NEEDED to be removed, but that is NOT THE POINT. The point is that there was no spreading! That could mean that I might not need the RAI (the radiation.)

I am totally jumping the gun, but I feel more optimistic than ever!

I do have to visit the radiologist within a week. My surgeon called his office and said, "She is reluctant to have RAI due to nursing, but I want you to take a look and lets see what the next step is." So while this is a "second opinion" my doctor didnt ever say that I still needed radiation, he said, lets see what the expert says.

Then we came home, my husband took my MIL to the airport, my girlfriend and her kids stuck around and then when the hubby got home, my mom showed up and the girlfriend went home. It was a busy day. It was a Blessed day!
No RAI means no isolation, no time away from hubby and baby, I can still nurse, I have a TON to donate and my life can be lifted from it's "hold" and return to quasi-normal.