Friday, January 1, 2010

Amazing Birth Story - That involves the mid-wife I am using!!

Kellie Johnson from A Mother's Midwifery saved my baby's life.

I was planning a Homebirth VBAC a little over 2 years ago.  My pregnancy was so easy, and the appointments with Kellie were wonderful.  She was like a big sister who had been there, done that.  Nothing was overly medical or clinical.  Also, Kellie is a herbologist, so any colds or problems were treated homeopathically.

The day of labor, it was wonderful.  I labored middle of the night.  I called Kellie who came in about a half hour.  She was in the room knitting while I was in labor.  If a contraction got hard, she quietly reminded me to breath and relax.  Everything was going great.  Until... she heard a decelaration in the heartbeat.

Until that point, Kellie did not give me any internals.  I was starting to feel the urge to push when Kellie checked me.  Right when she did, my water broke.  Unfortunately, she got a handful of umbiblical cord - Cord Prolapse!

She told me to get on hands and knees.  She couldn't take her hand out of me because the baby would pinch the cord.  She intructed my husband to call the back-up ob (he has passed away from cancer since my daughter's birth).  Anyway, we went to the hospital, hands and knees with her hand inside.  If she didn't react quickly, the baby would have died or been brain damaged.  Although it was an emergency and handled as such, she kept me calm and was very reassuring.

She stayed with me while the baby was being born.  I was under anesthesia, but she was there for the baby.  She went with the baby to the nursery and made sure my wishes were carried out.  The next day, she showed up with flowers.  And afterwards, she didn't drop me.  She came back to my house for the check-ups and called to make sure I was ok.

She was absolutely wonderful.  And, I owe my daughter's life to her.  Please let me know if you have any questions or would like more info about her.


(Permission to repost granted 01/01/10)