Thursday, May 10, 2012

Here we go-ohhohh

Not sure what this year will bring. I know I will be having a baby. She has to come out. But beyond that I really dont know what else this year will bring.

We've been offered a new job in a new state. Problem being that we are expecting a baby in the next 6-7 weeks and they want him there in 3 or 4 weeks.

We have planned a beautiful home birth, we have the tub, the midwife, the photographer... I've had the Blessingway, my ladies have their ceremonial cords and are waiting to hear about the birth, rush over, bring food, cuddle the baby and cut the yarn off their arms.

Moving is long and tedious... it takes packing, unpacking, figuring out where everything is... lifting, heavy lifting, carrying.... all things I would be useless at before and after baby.

If hubby goes early, or rather, when they want him, then we risk me birthing without him. I could go with him, but finding the right birth team is not just something you go to a store and pick up. He says he could jump on a plane... but my birthing is pretty darn quick. When I got going last time it was about 2.5 hours... he doesnt want to be without me.. and I NEED my best friend with me. We are a team and did this together, we need to birth together too.

My mommy group is the most amazing support system I have EVER encountered. Sure we will always have facebook, but crying on the shoulder of a computer can totally ruin the screen.  I could join LLL up there, hope to find an Attachment Parenting group that will accept me and my quirks and my so-not-AP techniques (on occasion.)

So maybe he will get a really awesome counter offer and we can stay... maybe the new job can wait 2 weeks after the baby comes... and we can just pack up and move once she arrives... maybe I can pack up all my buddies and stick them in my pocket and carry them with me.

I'm scared. I told myself... Dont get worked up over it until you have to. He could have a million interviews and only 2 people want him (the others would be stupid... but we know that happens in this industry.) So nothing to worry about until things happen. Right?! OK it's happening... now what?!

Other things that happened today -

Red Light Traffic Court - got lucky and they let me pay the lesser fine, but still stuck me with court fees

Heard back from the Bone Marrow Donor program - Due to my spina bifida occulta and Spondylolisthesis I am only eligible to donate blood and the cells from that... thanks to last years thyroid cancer, I am off the list until January 7, 2016... I'm bummed out, but overwhelmed with so much else that this actually took a back burner and I never saw myself putting it there. I sure hope the person who I matched gets a good match with the other 2 or 3 matches found nationwide. FTR - I was the ONLY match through the NBMD, I am only guessing that there are a few others through another program.