Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Which came first? Passion or Compassion?!

Which came first? Were you PASSIONATE about something... or did you find that COMPASSION moved you to where you ended up... and THEN became passionate?

I must say that I never meant to offend anyone when proclaiming what I believe... my beliefs are my research.... it is a work in progress.

I've been having lots of playdates lately... A girlfriend called me today to make sure she hadn't offended me with something she said. Sleep deprived and sweaty I didnt notice. But when she asked me, she brought up another point.

Last week 4 of us got together with our 4 babies - 2 have done circumcisions, 2 had started selective vax, 1 was on track with vax, 1 has not yet started vax. Some of us started talking about vaccinating... and the one that was on track apparently felt like we were saying that our studies were superior and it made her feel like a bad mom.


Another girlfriend of mine called me several weeks ago and said she respected my SELECTIVE stance, but "by all means, get the flu shot...." I kindly told her ~ "No thank you. You need to get it, you are a nurse.. I am a stay at home mom... We will be OK."

And I meant it, which made me feel bad for making someone think we considered her a "bad mommy." Of course it is not an easy decision, but it is YOUR decision. You are no better or worse of mom than myself for makign a choice for your family.

I would HATE for anyone to assume that my opinions are anything more than simply opinions. No mom takes on the job and thinks.. "hey, I want to hurt my baby."

Sometimes our passion for a topic not only over shadows our friend's concerns... but blinds us from realizing we may be hurting them.

So which came first? Your own Passion for a subject or the need to feel Compassion for others?