Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Went for the last "second" opinion today. This was actually the 4th doctor I have consulted about this.

Today - no breakdowns.

My husband me tme and the baby at another Ears/Nose/Throat doctor today.

DH was concered with what happens if we take half of the thyroid and the other half appears fine, what about a year down the line, or two years... is it more likely to have cancer? No. I think.He specifically said it was not like breast cancer where if one breast has a malignant tumor you can opt for a double mastectomy to reduce your future risks.

We asked about the risks vs benefits of opting for trying to salvage half.

Well if you take all of it, there is a risk of damaging BOTH sides of the vocal chords.. I think he said "paralyzing" both vocal chords. I am not currently working on air anymore or that would have been a HUGE red flag for me, but I DOOOO so love to sing. The other risk was damage to the parathyroid. IF the parathyroid is damaged then I will need a Calcium and Vitamin D replacement... not a vitamin like a supplement, but a full blown dose each day.

For now I am opting to have only the "bad" half removed. They will take 3 slivers from that peice and send it to the pathology department.. while I am still open and they examine the other side and do a total of 4 stitches waiting for the results. If they get the green light that there is no cancer, he finishes stitching me up and I go on my merry way to healing. If the call is that it is malignant, then he removes those 4 stitches and cuts the rest out. 

If the preliminary pathology comes back clean, but the full pathology 3 days later comes back as a papillary carcinoma, then the cut my neck open 2 weeks later and take the other side. It could be the next day... but due to my Dr's schedule it would have to be 2 weeks later.

If the nodule is as big as we think it is... (and it is big, you can see it when I swallow) then I have Faith that if it is bad news that the size is a clear indicator during the initial pathology and I will only have to have 1 surgery.

However... if no carcinogens are found, no RAI!!! No RAI and I can continue to nurse my baby and plan my family as we had been hoping to do.

It's a stretch, but one I am willing to pray hard for!

After the last few days... I think the only thing keeping me moving forward is the hope of getting to keep PART of MY thyroid. Ya know... there is an 80% chance that it is NOT cancer.

Drugs forever is one thing... but I WANT to keep my freaking thyroid.

I have to stop now. I feel a freak out coming on and I think I should call it a night and just go to bed before I start thinking again too hard.