Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Went for the last "second" opinion today. This was actually the 4th doctor I have consulted about this.

Today - no breakdowns.

My husband me tme and the baby at another Ears/Nose/Throat doctor today.

DH was concered with what happens if we take half of the thyroid and the other half appears fine, what about a year down the line, or two years... is it more likely to have cancer? No. I think.He specifically said it was not like breast cancer where if one breast has a malignant tumor you can opt for a double mastectomy to reduce your future risks.

We asked about the risks vs benefits of opting for trying to salvage half.

Well if you take all of it, there is a risk of damaging BOTH sides of the vocal chords.. I think he said "paralyzing" both vocal chords. I am not currently working on air anymore or that would have been a HUGE red flag for me, but I DOOOO so love to sing. The other risk was damage to the parathyroid. IF the parathyroid is damaged then I will need a Calcium and Vitamin D replacement... not a vitamin like a supplement, but a full blown dose each day.

For now I am opting to have only the "bad" half removed. They will take 3 slivers from that peice and send it to the pathology department.. while I am still open and they examine the other side and do a total of 4 stitches waiting for the results. If they get the green light that there is no cancer, he finishes stitching me up and I go on my merry way to healing. If the call is that it is malignant, then he removes those 4 stitches and cuts the rest out. 

If the preliminary pathology comes back clean, but the full pathology 3 days later comes back as a papillary carcinoma, then the cut my neck open 2 weeks later and take the other side. It could be the next day... but due to my Dr's schedule it would have to be 2 weeks later.

If the nodule is as big as we think it is... (and it is big, you can see it when I swallow) then I have Faith that if it is bad news that the size is a clear indicator during the initial pathology and I will only have to have 1 surgery.

However... if no carcinogens are found, no RAI!!! No RAI and I can continue to nurse my baby and plan my family as we had been hoping to do.

It's a stretch, but one I am willing to pray hard for!

After the last few days... I think the only thing keeping me moving forward is the hope of getting to keep PART of MY thyroid. Ya know... there is an 80% chance that it is NOT cancer.

Drugs forever is one thing... but I WANT to keep my freaking thyroid.

I have to stop now. I feel a freak out coming on and I think I should call it a night and just go to bed before I start thinking again too hard.


  1. Most patients may need to keep their TSH levels after surgery close to 1.0 to prevent nodules to grow in the remaining lobe.
    Best of luck!!

  2. a new test for thyroid cancer that promised to have 96 % accuracy undergoes a trial http://thyroid.blogspot.com/2011/01/save-unnecessary-thyroid-surgery-with.html