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Amazing Baby Story - You really CAN do push it out yourself!


So after going 12 days overdue I finally had my LO, and what an adventure it was!

My due date was the 14th of July and since I had never gone past due with any of my previous four births, I was sure I would have her at least by that day (if not on that day, since my other DD was born on her due date).  I knew from early on in my pregnancy that if I was still pregnant past the 19th of July that one of my closest friends would be able to come be a doula for me (which I really wanted, but was sure I wouldn't last that long).  I started having contractions in the middle of May, they were quite regular at every 30 minutes, but they weren't strong or painful.  Then by beginning of July they were every 10 minutes and more intense, but still not 'labor'.  I ended up having at least two nights when the contractions got to about every 2 or 3 minutes and were painful enough to wake me up, but I still wasn't in labor.  My due date came and went, the 19th came and went and my friend made plans to come stay with us.  One of the two doctors I had been seeing decided on my due date that he wanted me induced no later than one week overdue, so the date of July 21st was set for that.  Not wanting to be induced I tried everything short of castor oil (that and sticking a pineapple in my vagina and taking semen orally) to try and start labor.  After nothing working and talking with my DH, my midwife, and family about being induced we decided that we wanted to give it another week (since both my DH and I were 2 weeks overdue when we were born).  We had two non-stress tests and two ultrasounds (checking the amount of fluid left) which showed everything to be fine still.  Finally though the other doctor (the one I saw more regularly and liked better) said we couldn't push back the induction date any more, he wanted me to be induced either Monday, July 27th or Tuesday, July 28th.  Well both days were 'booked solid' at L&D so they gave us a date of Wednesday, July 29th.  I've been induced twice in the past and really didn't want to go through again, so I started walking like crazy (in the early morning before it got too hot, and in the evening after it cooled down and until it got dark).  After it got too hot to walk outside on Sunday, July 26th my DH and I tried some nipple stimulation again and me walking and dancing around the house while my friend took the kids to swim for a few hours.  The nipple stimulation really got the contractions started (which it had in the past as well, but it they always slowed down after we had stopped for a while), I kept walking and dancing (my DH even video taped me dancing to 'Twist and Shout' LOL) and the contractions kept coming so we decided that it was time to call the midwife (this was right around 1PM).  Well it turned out that she had just gotten back from a 48 hour labor and needed a nap before driving all the way up here (it's about a 2 hour drive).  I then called my sister to see if she could come pick up my three older children because we were supposed to be bringing them down to stay with her for a week of camp (which had been planned for Hannah to be born on the 14th, have two weeks of bonding time with all the kids together before they left for camp).  She would leave shortly she said.  Then I called my mom, but she was in the middle of a project that she needed to finish before leaving.  I felt lost and almost betrayed, here I was finally in active labor (and I could feel it moving fast) and no one was on their way, everyone was busy!  We started filling the birthing tub (even though my DH thought I was nuts and that it was way too early).  My friend got back from swimming with the kids just as we were calling the midwife again to let her know that things were really getting going.  She suggested I take a shower.  Well in the shower the contractions started coming about one a minute and about a minute apart (it seemed to have actually accelerated the contractions, but it was quite soothing).  I got out and went into the back room to get straight into the birthing tub, instructing my 9y/oDD to go get my DH.  I told my DH that he needed to call the midwife again that things were getting close.  My friend (who is a doula) got the other kids all situated (my 12y/oDS, 10y/oDS, and 22m/oDS, and her 5y/oDD and 23m/oDD) and joined us in the back bedroom.  The midwife wanted to talk to me and she said I sounded quite well for being as much in labor as I thought I was in.  Well then I started having another contraction and had to pass the phone off, my friend/doula told my DH that the midwife probably would want to hear my contraction so she held the phone up to me as I moaned through it.  From there we took turns talking to my midwife and people holding the phone up to me through the contractions.  My midwife realized that, yes, I really was that close and had me check myself (I had not been checked for dilation once at any appointment at that time).  At the end of my finger I could feel my LO's head in the bag of water.  When I told the midwife she said she was pretty sure that I was fully dilated then.  My body was also starting to push at this time, which I was still resisting.  We decided that it would be better for my midwife to guide us over the phone than to try and drive to us since there was no possible way she was going to make it in time.  Along with the pushing contractions I thought my water might have broken, but it turned out that I had just peed LOL, but at that point I hadn't pooped with the contractions (though I definitely had farted a few times, quite obvious to everyone since it was in water).  A few more pushing contractions (with the midwife listening to me over the phone) and I actually did poop, which my DD fished out so nicely for us.  As I would have the contractions where my body was pushing I would say 'My body is pushing, I'm still trying not to' finally I realized that my doula was saying 'It's okay' so I took that to mean that it was okay for me to push along with them.  Between the next contractions I then turned over onto my hands and knees because I had read that that was a better birthing position (better for both the act of pushing the LO out and to help prevent tearing).  This whole time I had had one of my hands down touching myself (basically trying to stop myself from pushing) and I could feel that her head was just inside.  With the next contraction I decided to push along with my body, as I pushed my water broke, my LO's head came out (right into my hands), her body started coming out, the contraction ended but I kept pushing and the rest of her came sliding out (through my hands) into my doula's hands (she had been receiving instructions from my midwife over the phone of what to do).  She was put onto my abdomen (because her cord was very short).  We rested there for a while (with her under a towel to keep her warm) while we talked with the midwife, my DD brought time apple juice to drink, and until we decided it was time for me to get out and work on delivering the placenta (which at first I thought was coming out as I stood up, but that was just some blood clots, the placenta finally came out a few minutes later while I was sitting on the bed).  Basically from the time I knew 'this is it' and my LO being born was less than 3 hours, and it was only 1 push to actually deliver her.

Shortly after she was born my sister showed up, then my mother, and my midwife asked if it would be okay if she showed up around 9PM (she still really needed rest after the last labor she had attended and wasn't safe to drive that tired).  We all ate dinner, finished the packing for my three older children and they left with my sister, my mom left to find a hotel room, my doula put her two LOs to sleep, my DH put our 22m/o to sleep, as I just sat and bonded with my new little Hannah.  Finally at about a quarter to 10 my midwife came to check on us.  Hannah weighed exactly 7lb (of course by this time she had pooped three times, once shortly after birth, before we had a diaper on her, once filling beyond full a diaper, and finally as we took her diaper off for her to be weighed, and she had been nursing almost non-stop, though I don't know how much she was getting since my milk wasn't in yet) and was 18 1/2 inches long.  she has fuzzy brown hair, long finger, long narrow feet.  When she was born she was absolutely covered in a thick layer of vernix yet still had wrinkely hands and feet and very long finger nails.  She is now nursing like a champ (thank goodness my milk is finally coming in!).  So I may have been in early labor for over 2 months and had several false starts to my labor, but once it finally started for real there was no stopping it and it went FAST!

Amazing Birth Story - Dance that baby out!


I was due September 28th but ended up going past my due date. On Oct 2nd I went to get checked and I was still barely 1cm dilated and my cervix was up HIGH....they scheduled me to be induced today (Oct. 6).

Well my mother was having her 50th bday party on Saturday and she's German. Some family from Germany came and we had our own Oktoberfest. By then I was 40 weeks and 5 days......they wanted to learn the dance moves to some american songs...I ended up dancing to 5 songs straight and by the end of the Cupid Shuffle I was feeling contractions...

A couple hours after that I decided to go home and rest to see if they would stop (since I had been having false labor for WEEKS)....well I went home and went potty and realized that I had just gushed blood and soaked through my shorts (Sorry tmi).

Timed my contractions and realized they were 3 minutes apart...called hubby and told him to meet me at the Hospital (he was working night shift) mom drove me to the hospital.

Got there and they checked me....I was 4-5cm and at 0 station! omg! lol

My daughter was born on October 4th @ 12:03pm....7lbs 6oz...and we couldn't be happier.
Just wanted to wish you all good luck and to remind you NOT to be discouraged...this was my second pregnancy and I couldn't understand how I could go past my due date lol....well I danced my baby out!

Lots of Labor Dust to you all!

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Dr Oz wont have his kids vaccinated

... but for some reason he says he didn't have a choice and with the organization he is with it was mandatory.. but his wife nor kids are having the vaccines... maybe his wife is the one protecting the kids who knows.

Today he has a segment on "The 4 vaccines every woman should have" I am watching just to do the research afterward.

I found a bunch of links that were related to this.

Embedded video from CNN Video

And this one was just as interesting:

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Swine Flu Over-estimated

Here is a shocker revealed by CBS... HERE

Saturday, October 24, 2009

WARNING: Stay away from the Vaccined!

Heard of SHEDDING? I hadn't, but this is scary stuff.

Apparently while YOUR body is learning to fight it and building up an immunity after having the nasal-spray, your body SHEDS the virus.. in all the places you would normally be, during all the activities you would normally be doing. READ MORE

Another SOURCE: ABC News and other outlets are reporting that two studies released on Tuesday suggest that people infected with the H1N1 virus continue to shed virus after the point where current recommendations say they can resume their normal activities. Detection of the virus doesn't necessarily mean that the patients are still contagious, only that they have the potential to be, according to one of the researchers whose findings were presented at a conference in San Francisco.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Unbiased research

... just to throw you off. These links actually are not endorsing either view.

This is really good information, I recommend reading ALL of it, it is a short read of FAQs.

The Vaccine Book by

Rather than referring to the CDC which I have found to be pretty one sided, AskDrSears takes you back to the FDA. Click HERE to read the inserts from all four manufactured versions of the H1N1 vaccine.

Now, PLEASE comment and give me your thoughts!

First thoughts

I have 2 inserts from Sanofi Pasteur for Influenza Virus Vaccine (FLUZONE) and Influenza A ( H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine.

Neither give me a list of ingredients. I guess I was expecting something like on the back of every food item in the pantry. I wonder if they assumed someone would try to whip up their own batch if the ingredients were listed.

In section 14 of the H1N1 pamphlet, "Sanofi Pasteur's [the manu] influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent vaccine and trivalent influenza virus vaccine (Fluzone vaccine) are manufactured by the same process. Data in this section were obtained in clinical studies with Fluzone vaccine."

Nice. They didn't even test the actual vaccine.

As for the "Immunogenicity in the adult and geriatric population," (remember this is for the FLUZONE, not H1N1) 121 people were tested: "2 asian, 11 black, 106 caucasian, and 2 other, no gender data were available." Seems like it would matter if it was a 120lb woman or a 180lb man.... and 121 people? really?

Dosage and Administration:
Children 6 - 35 months (0.25 mL dose through intramuscular injection) / Two 0.25 mL doses approx. one month apart (2.2)
36 months - 9 years (0.5 mL dose through intramuscular injection) / Two 0.5 mL doses approx. one month apart (2.2)
10 years - and older (a single 0.5 mL dose through intramuscular injection) (2.2)
Adults (a single 0.5 mL dose through intramuscular injection) (2.2)

Dosage Forms and Strengths: 
Influenza A ( H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine, a sterile suspension for intramuscular injection, is supplied in four presentations:
  1. Prefilled Syringe, 0.25 mL, no preservative, distinguished by a pink syringe plunger rod (3) 
  2. Prefilled Syringe, 0.5 mL, no preservative (3) 
  3. Single-dose vial, 0.5 mL, no preservative (3) 
  4. Multi-dose vial, 5mL, contains thimerosal, a mercury derivative, added as a preservative. Each 0.5 mL dose contains 25 mcg mercury. (3,11)
I am less concerned with the mercury than likely any other ingredient. After a lecture by Meg Ryan and Robert Kennedy Jr. 5 years ago at UCF, we are apparently doomed to consume mounds and mounds of mercury... and clearly already have and haven't died. But you can eat a whole tree of bananas and be fine, try injecting ANY potassium into your blood and see how fast your heart stops. There is a reason we don't like needles.

So Sanofi basically copied their Influenza insert and slapped on a "H1N1" label. Well, sign me up!

FOUND my inserts!

About dang time! Apparently unless the venue is actively GIVING OUT the shot, then they don't have the info/inserts.

Today, after 2 Walgreens and 2 CVSs, the third CVS was giving shots. I asked for an insert and they actually pulled them out of the shots. One for Flu and one for H1N1 (manu: Sanofi Pasteur Inc)

Then (being the couponer I take pride in,) I asked for the $100 coupon booklet you are supposed to get for inquiring about any flu shot. The nurse told me that she is only supposed to give them out to those who get the shot, I handed her the flier from the weekly ad that said "free $100 coupon book for inquiring about the Flu shot from the Take Care Clinic, No purchase necessary." She smiled and handed me the coupon book. Finally someone who is friendly!

I stopped by Target the other day and they refused to give me anything other than the flier they hand out to every passerby saying to get your shot or die. They actually gave me a dirty look and told me "you will have to go somewhere else for that, we are just registering people for the shot and sending them to the pharmacy."

Well now I have one of the four manufacturers inserts... what more research can I do but start at the top. I will go through each ingredient and post them as seperate posts ASAP. I will also keep asking different places for their inserts until I get all four manufacturers.

Thus starts my own journey, and my own research, in my own words.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Swine Flu ingredients

 I have searched. I have stopped at pharmacies, unless they are injecting at that location, they DO NOT have the inserts. Don't worry I am not done. I will keep searching. Until then, this is the information Neil Miller has found and published.

Swine Flu Vaccines (2009-2010): Ingredients
By: Neil Z. Miller 

Four swine flu vaccines have been licensed by the FDA and are currently being administered throughout the United States. They are manufactured by 1) CSL Limited, 2) Novartis, 3) Sanofi Pasteur, and 4) MedImmune. Here is a summary of the age groups they are recommend for, the ingredients they contain, and other pertinent information:

CSL, Limited: For people 18 years of age and older. Multidose vials contain 24.5mcg of mercury per dose. Also contains the weakened swine flu virus (influenza A/California/7/2009--H1N1)
, sodium phosphate, potassium phosphate, potassium chloride, calcium chloride, taurodeoxycholate, egg proteins, neomycin sulfate, polymyxin B (antibiotics) and beta-propiolactone.

Novartis: For people 4 years of age and older. Multidose vials contain 25mcg of mercury per dose. Also contains the weakened swine flu virus, sodium phosphate, egg proteins, neomycin, polymyxin B, betapropiolactone, and nonylphenol ethoxylate.

Sanofi Pasteur: For people 6 months of age and older. Multidose vials contain 25mcg of mercury per dose. Also contains the weakened swine flu virus "propagated in "embryonated chicken eggs," polyethylene glycol p-isooctyphenyl ether (Triton X-100), sucrose, gelatin, and formaldehyde.

MedImmune: For people 2 years through 49 years of age. (This vaccine is squirted up the nose.) Each dose contains the live "pandemic (H1N1) 2009 virus," MSG, pig gelatin, egg proteins, arginine, sucrose, potassium phosphate, and gentamicin sulfate (an antibiotic).

Notes of Interest:
All four of these swine flu vaccines were made by mimicking earlier seasonal flu vaccines (and by adding the new swine flu virus). However, the manufacturers admit in their product inserts that these new swine flu vaccines were NOT tested for safety or efficacy. The FDA allowed them to be rushed to market assuming that they will be similar in safety and efficacy to previous flu vaccines.

All four of the swine flu manufacturers acknowledge in their product inserts that several debilitating ailments could occur in people following their flu vaccines. These include: blood and lymphatic disorders (lymphadenopathy, thrombocytopenia), nervous system disorders (convulsions, Guillain-Barre syndrome, or GBS, Bell's palsy, and various neuropathies), respiratory ailments, immune system disorders, digestive disorders, and cardiovascular disorders.

Although swine flu vaccines (and seasonal flu vaccines) are recommended for pregnant women, the vaccine product inserts clearly admit that flu vaccines have never been tested on pregnant or nursing women to determine if they will harm fetuses or babies.

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New Hero

If you haven't heard of this guy... well I dunno. I didn't know who he was until yesterday.

Look up Neil Z Miller.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

H1N1- Huh what No way

My mother rarely calls. She called the other morning frantic. "Pregnant women are dropping like flies. I just wanted to call to make sure you are getting the H1N1 vaccine." "No Mom, I'm not. Besides this first dose, the nose spray is a live virus and they are suddenly saying for pregnant women NOT to get it." Not that I would have, or any LIVE virus for that matter. "Yes I know you aren't supposed to get the nasal spray, but next week the shot comes out, you must make sure to get it early before they run out." "No Mom. I am NOT getting it. It's not worth the risks." In fact, as of the first week of October 2009, only 28 women who happened to have been pregnant have died, across the globe.

She suddenly realized she had something more urgent to attend to and hung up.

I am out of work after 2 lay-offs in 6 months. Full-time to Part-time to No-time. I only come into contact with people at church and the grocery. NOT TO SAY that I am anymore protected than others who ARE working daily in an office. But my chances of contact are lower.

The U.S. has already purchased at least 312 million doses of two proprietary, patented adjuvants: MF59 from Novartis and ASO3 from GlaxoSmithKline.  Not one scientific study has ever established the long-term safety of adjuvants and none have ever been approved for use in vaccines for humans.

Just the common flu ingredients are enough to make you cringe! First, egg proteins.... I'm not even supposed to eat ceasar dressing (during pregnancy) due to egg yolk... If I can't have my ceasar, I am NOT injecting it. Formaldehyde again. Thimerosal is a form of mercury. Squalene is an oil based adjuvant (never approved to be used in the US) can cause blindness and autoimmune dysfunction - more than 24 peer-reviewed scientific papers from 10 labs from 4 countries have documented autoimmune problems in animals due to this chemical specifically. HUMAN DIPLOID TISSUE - LOOK IT UP! YOU WILL BE APPALLED.

My final concern with this is that the same shot is not only given to infants, but to full grown men... the same dosage... that is "safe?" Again with the child that is only 20 lbs.

So will I be getting it? ABSOLUTELY NOT.

*For the record a lot of researching was done before I completely dismissed the idea of this vaccination*

**UPDATE** Just found a story about an adverse reaction to the common flu shot. This woman is now unable to walk correctly. What she has is Dystonia.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

The Littlest Bit of Research

Maybe I am jumping the gun.

Lets look at the CDC's 2009 schedule of vaccinations: HERE

OK so by this chart my infant must have HepB at birth, even if myself and the dad are negative. Possible forms of transmission include: Unprotected sexual contact, blood transfusions, re-use of contaminated needles and vertical transmission from mother to child during childbirth.

That doesn't explain how a healthy mom with no medical issues would have a baby that had a chance of contracting HepB.

My second concern (and this is all being done on a spur of the moment, it is taking me moments to find the info... it's out there people, and it doesn't take hard work to find it.) 5 more vaccines by 2 months.

I never had a polio vaccine. **CORRECTION: Apparently I DID have the Polio vaccine, but it was oral and live** Lets see what the hype on that is about. Well, the CDC itself states that the last time it was a concern was 1955. Well maybe it isn't dangerous. Let's see... Poliovirus Vaccine Inactived the first ingredient is monkey kidney. Gross. All you vegans, animal lovers, Peta people... aren't you fighting against this? Newborn calf serum, I don't even want to know what that is. Formaldehyde... certainly used to preserve it, but it is the primary cause of Methanol's toxicity, since methanol is matabolised into toxic formaldehyde by alcohol dehydrogenase. It is converted to formis acid (the stuff in bee stings) in the body... oh and it also preserves dead people. Another, and I will stop here with 3 ingredients of 1 of the vaccines injected at 2 months old (about 8-9 lbs)...Streptomycin. I had never heard of this but with one search: streptomycin IS an antibiotic, but can cause ototoxicity, which can lead to hearing loss. Not to forget it is also used as a pesticide to kill fungi in your yard.

That is next to no research. There are at least 8 chemicals in that vaccine... and yet no polio scares since 1955. So why are we injecting our babies at 2 months old?

My Fears on Vaccination

Who are we kidding?

There is a limit on dosage on children's Tylenol. You sure don't wanna OD. And yet we are injecting our children with 30-some-odd vaccines before they are 3... AND those dosages last them their lifetime... do I need to remind you these little bodies being shot-up are 5-20 pounds each?

Sure, maybe the vaccines are completely safe, why not space them out? Say... over 25 years? 30 years?

My biggest fear is how many chemicals must we inject in our children before they start digressing? They say smoking a joint kills braincells.. and it only stays in your system 3 days. How about injecting some formaldehyd? Now that would be just crazy. Some monkey kidney? How about fetal tissues? Of course not! But you are.

This site is going to be a personal journey into my own self education on what we are expected to put inside of our babies.

And for the record, I claim to be "selective-vaccine" not "anti-vaccine." But that is a later blog.