Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My Fears on Vaccination

Who are we kidding?

There is a limit on dosage on children's Tylenol. You sure don't wanna OD. And yet we are injecting our children with 30-some-odd vaccines before they are 3... AND those dosages last them their lifetime... do I need to remind you these little bodies being shot-up are 5-20 pounds each?

Sure, maybe the vaccines are completely safe, why not space them out? Say... over 25 years? 30 years?

My biggest fear is how many chemicals must we inject in our children before they start digressing? They say smoking a joint kills braincells.. and it only stays in your system 3 days. How about injecting some formaldehyd? Now that would be just crazy. Some monkey kidney? How about fetal tissues? Of course not! But you are.

This site is going to be a personal journey into my own self education on what we are expected to put inside of our babies.

And for the record, I claim to be "selective-vaccine" not "anti-vaccine." But that is a later blog.


  1. Vaccine actually do not give most people a lifetime immunity. I have pregnant moms that received the MMR in their childhood on schedule and when tested during pregnancy, they have NO rubella titer left. Actually having rubella as a child provides a lifetime immunity---my titer is always high since I did have the disease as a child.

  2. BP.. what vaccines did you have and what are your opinions on them?