Monday, December 6, 2010

Health Scare

It's been a while since I posted. Atlas is 8 months old and has NOT been vax'd yet at all, he will be in the next few week, but just Polio to start with. He is healthly, crawling, 4 teeth, pulling up, trying to walk, saying "Kitty," has said MOM and DADA... and we are ECing.

Elimination Communication (EC) is a mom potty-training ... so far I catch his cues frequently, he also catches mine... he is on the potty 3-4 times a day and is successful almost every time. He has mastered the "squeeze squeeze squeeze" and generally CAN squeeze out a tiny little poopie at least.

Now lets talk about me.

I have a bump on my neck and it has been there 2 years or more.. My doctor felt it, said lets watch it, let me know if you get worried, so far so good... fast forward 2 years... I have a baby and I go back to her. She says it has not changed, it is smooth, same size-ish, not causing me pain or discomfort, I swallow normal ect. Again.. nothing to worry about, but I do, that's who I am.

She sends me to have an ultra sound and they now send me to a specialist (ears nose throat Dr.) . I go to him, he sends me to get a biopsy... I go. The Dr dude is younger than me... wth?!?! I feel old. He stabs me in the neck with lanocaine. Ouch! Bee Sting! Then he takes 3 samples. The lab guy who is in the room says the second sample is not very good... he stabs me with a 22 vs 25 needle and gets more. My neck is numb but I can feel him aiming for it. He has the ultrasound wand pushing against the other side for leverage and he had to move the needle a bit to get to the right spot... bleh! Not painful, but creepy. I felt it. So everything looks good. He says that part of it was tissue and part fluid that is why it was tough.

Give it 2 days the lab guy would get it back to my Dr; give him 2 days and if I havent heard back then "no news is good news" (my appt was December 31st) otherwise I can call if I am worried. I call this morning (4 work days later) and leave a message. I go about my day and forget about it. My family heads out for a walk after dinner at 6:30 and my phone rings.

The lady tells me the "nodule" is indeed a tumor. It is likely benign, but the dr may want more tests, they want to reschedule my appt for as soon as possible...On their schedule that is Wednesday at noon. I hav eno idea what the difference is in a nodule and a tumor... if you know PLEASE comment!

This freaks me out bc you cant give out bad news on the phone.. you aren't technically allowed to give ANY news over the phone. The fact that they would encourage me to come back in regardless of the fact the secretary called me back in... that is something to worry about.

I was pretty OK for the first 2 hours, then my husband went to bed and I kind of freaked out a tad bit. We had a girlfriend come over when Atlas was several weeks old. She meant no harm but jokingly told me, "I could run off with this sweet thing, and he would never remember you." That stuck with me.

Also I am still donating 40 ounces a day to Atlas isnt on ANY solids yet.. not until Christmas day and 9 months old. I am not ready to be put on medications or anything weird... I dont want to stop nursing... It is all frustrating for me.

Today (Tuesday) is a great day... Atlas is having his 8 month pictures taken with Santa at Target and then we are going to meet Atlas' Milk Brother, Josiah. It is a pretty special day.

Please say a prayer for our family. Thanks!