Thursday, March 15, 2012

Avalon's Birth Story - December 27, 2007

Hi, this is Avalon's mommy, Sydney. Avalon was due on December 27th of 2007, but I went into labor naturally on December 30th. These were some of the grumpiest time dragging days of my life. Seriously, I can't even really remember what happened in those 3 days, other than I mostly sat around and waited. I don't remember having any nesting instincts. On my actual due date, Simon and I walked around Walmart trying to get things going (it was cold outside!). A nice lady came up and said, very sweetly, "Oh you're so cute, when are you due?" I actually growled "TODAY!". Poor lady, she walked away so confused, but I bet later she realized I was mad about it.

So on the evening of the 2nd, we went to bed yet another day without a baby. I slept quite well actually for being so huge and uncomfortable (I even laid on my back at one point, I think). At 5:15 am I felt a bit wet and my first thought was "why am I sweating?" as I woke up. Then I realized that my water had broken! I woke up Simon, who was instantly in action mode, getting the bag and trying to rush me out the door. I told him that I had a few minutes since I wasn't having contractions. So I took a shower, but was so exited I was shaking. I also told Simon to take the sheets off the bed, and that I was so happy we bought that "bed protector thingy". I then lazily got dressed, trying my best to stay calm. I brought multiple towels to put in the car, because I was leaking like crazy. It was a fountain of water, or felt like it. Probably was more like a drip, but in my mind I was swimming.

We went down to the hospital, South Seminal, and the lady at the desk was all very calm and saying "well, we'll have you wait it out a bit because it doesn't look like you are in labor". She said this because Simon and I were laughing and smiling. Then I told the lady that my water had broken. And she started moving then! Got me in a room for checkup immediately. Got shuttled down to the first room where I changed out of my clothes and into a gown. The nurse checked me then told me to walk to the labor/delivery room. I stood up to follow Simon and his mom (who had just arrived, my parents were in route from Fort Myers) I yelled for the nurse, because I was dripping on the ground and really embarrassed. She laughed and said don't worry about it. But I was so embarrassed!

Got moved into the very nice labor room, and laid around a bit. I can't remember my exact numbers, but I was progressing nicely. At one point a nurse took pity on me and brought me breakfast, telling me not to tell anyone that she had done that. I ate the whole thing.

At one point, maybe 2 pm, my labor started to slow. The Dr came in and checked me, I had stopped progressing and Avalon was running out of air. I got scared here because, hey my kid needs air right? So they put an oxygen mask on me. I also requested an epidural. I have scoliosis and was scared about the prospect of them even being able to find the right spot fo rht epidural. The woman who does them came in and was very helpful. I explained my feelings, and she understood. So she took a long time finding the right spot (the whole time I was miserable sitting up bent over) but got the needle in right and I felt better after. Since my back is all wonky, and my hips are strange, my midwife and I had talked multiple times about the small chance of a C-section but she felt that I would be ok and be able to go naturally.

After the epidural was in, things got into motion again. I had just the right about of pain-numbly goodness. I could still feel everything, but it took the edge off. Avalon's heart beat was slowing and she was still lacking some oxygen, but the Dr said we'll wait it out a bit. He did mention pitocin, if I didn't progress more. At this point, Simon's mom got him Taco Bell and they were watching a movie. I was so pissed at them because the food smelled awesome and I couldn't see the TV since my glasses were off for the oxygen mask! I kept staring at them and giving them the stink eye. But I told Simon to eat since only one of us could.

Suddenly, things picked up, and fast. I felt the need to push out of no where, and the nurse (who was so awesome!) was right there. She had me do a couple small pushes to see how far things were. She looked a bit surprised, and ran out to fetch the Midwife. The midwife I had worked with my entire pregnancy had left the practice a few days before I went into labor, but fortunately I had met the one I had now before. The midwife came in, and said "You're ready to push". My reaction was "duh". So I pushed for a bit about 30 minutes. She said I was doing really well, and went to change her gloves. She said, ok I need you to stop for just a minute, and I said "I don't wanna!!!!" Then laughed with Simon. POP Avalon came flying out right then, into the Midwife's hands- she hadn't put on her new gloves yet. Simon and I just kept laughing and crying, and the midwife was laughing too as she put our gorgeous new baby girl on my chest. In truth, I was a bit grossed out cause she was covered in stuff  but that went away quickly once I looked into her eyes, and kissed her head. Simon got to cut the cord, hand shaking and scared he'd hurt her.

The birth team (the ladies who take the babies and get them clean) hadn't been called yet because I was going so quickly. So they rushed in after I got to hold her for awhile.

Avalon weighed in at 8 pounds, 21 inches, she was born at 6:10pm. She looked like a 3 month old. All her apgar scores were 10, with one 9 which changed to a 10 in 5 minutes. At one hour old, she was already picking up her head and looking around. The nurse came in at one point during that and said "She shouldn't be able to do that". The midwife came in to check on me and told me that she had never had a mom laugh during labor, and she was so happy to have been a part of Avalon's birth. She was a little teary eyed too. She said I did so well and that 30 minutes of pushing was her personal record.

A lot of my family and friends were able to come see her soon after she was born, which was a really awesome experience to have them there.

We had some breastfeeding issues in the hospital and after, but got it all figured out at about 5 months. Avalon's such an awesome kid, I'm so lucky to have her. And I will NEVER forget that she was born with laughter.