Thursday, October 14, 2010

Preparing baby #1 for a homebirth and baby #2

Nope. I am NOT pregnant... but this might be a good book for Atlas when we decide to have a #2.

We're Having a Homebirth!! Children's Book Post by Peaceful Parenting

Click the link and check out the site... she has a giveaway coming up soon for that book! As for me, it's going on our Amazon Christmas list!

A few rantings

Oh so many things on my mind and I just wish I had time to rant on them all!

But until I find time to dissect them individually, here is the run down...

Home Births Under Fire by Jennifer Block
  • “Women are not merely participants in this process, we are the process. All women want to have healthy babies.” Indeed, a recent survey of women who planned home births found that their primary reason for doing so is precisely the thing they are accused of blowing off: safety.
  • Much like the woman in this article, I NEVER imagined I would be having a home birth. But researching everything I have seen since... I will NEVER do it any other way assuming I don't have any complications.
  • I encourage everyone to look into it. YES it is scary. VERY. But so was birth in general. Having control of where I was and where I moved and how I moved and what I ate or drank helped keep things in MY ball park and without that control over myself, I would have been an anxious, hyper, upset woman.

Humana Helps Similac Advertise to Their Subscribers by the Feminist Breeder
  • O.M.G! I can't make this stuff up. 
  • A recent Humana Health Insurance “Smart Summary” statement, which they describe as the “Family’s personal health finance and benefits statement.”
  • ATTENTION INSURANCE AGENCIES: It would cost everyone less if you would encourage breast feeding! 1. It's FREE. 2. It's proven to be healthier than formula. 3. It's proven it will reduce future health issues. 
  • TFB includes pictures if you don't believe me.
I know there were other articles I was recently ticked off about, but right now they escape me and my baby is under furniture, so I will have to get back to you on that.