Saturday, December 17, 2011

We are expecting again!

We are officially expecting #2. We are 11-12 weeks along. Technician says we are due July 4th, Midwife says July 7th due to ovulation, I say June 27th due to last period. If we go like Atlas did... then June 20th will be the date. (My birthday is June 15th)

I wasn't wanting to announce early on. My endocrinologist told me we would not get pg without "help," but we did. I went back to her the week after we found out and she assured me I would lose the baby. My Synthroid is a very high level and must be kept high due to the cancer earlier this year. You have to have thyroid hormone for your body to get pregnant, to stay pregnant and to know when to go into labor. We are currently reducing my levels slightly and she doesn't think that my body will remember it is pregnant. The level of Synthroid could effect the size of the baby and it's growth, since it makes me high hypo, we are going to have to monitor closely that I am able to put on enough weight, more importantly that the baby does.  Kinda devastating and I didnt want to post a "we lost our baby" post. I know far too many people who have miscarried and I didn't want to have to 'go
there' out loud.

Happier news - Kelli Johnson assures me the baby will be fine and lots of people are on Synthroid, and there are a lot of people on my level of Synthroid and have normal, natural, healthy births.

I LOVE Kelli and I trust her. I am currently in the process of firing my endo and finding one that works on a more natural level and will preform the blood tests I have requested. The current endo refuses to test my reverse levels, thus breeching my right to informed consent.

So that is why a few of you know, or have thought you knew and I have avoided any questions.

We got to see the baby today at our first sonogram! It is measuring a week smaller than it should and of course my mind is playing tricks on me and making me a little crazy, but we go see Kelli tomorrow and I know she will ease my mind.

I know for fact the day I ovulated so I other than having had only 1 period and then 3 weeks until I ovulated, I know the *moment* I ovulated. I can feel it.

So now I am ready, just took me a while.

We are pregnant! YAY! Babies rock! So excited I get to have another!
Also excited that I can finally share our news!
Atlas - 20 months
#2 due anytime between June15th and July 15th - aiming for July 4th
but certain it will be well before that.