Friday, October 23, 2009

FOUND my inserts!

About dang time! Apparently unless the venue is actively GIVING OUT the shot, then they don't have the info/inserts.

Today, after 2 Walgreens and 2 CVSs, the third CVS was giving shots. I asked for an insert and they actually pulled them out of the shots. One for Flu and one for H1N1 (manu: Sanofi Pasteur Inc)

Then (being the couponer I take pride in,) I asked for the $100 coupon booklet you are supposed to get for inquiring about any flu shot. The nurse told me that she is only supposed to give them out to those who get the shot, I handed her the flier from the weekly ad that said "free $100 coupon book for inquiring about the Flu shot from the Take Care Clinic, No purchase necessary." She smiled and handed me the coupon book. Finally someone who is friendly!

I stopped by Target the other day and they refused to give me anything other than the flier they hand out to every passerby saying to get your shot or die. They actually gave me a dirty look and told me "you will have to go somewhere else for that, we are just registering people for the shot and sending them to the pharmacy."

Well now I have one of the four manufacturers inserts... what more research can I do but start at the top. I will go through each ingredient and post them as seperate posts ASAP. I will also keep asking different places for their inserts until I get all four manufacturers.

Thus starts my own journey, and my own research, in my own words.

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