Saturday, July 31, 2010

SPF and Baby

OK a subject I know NOTHING about! I have lived in Florida almost my entire life so life without sunscreen is really not an option. I didn't realize sunblock and sunscreen were different things though! Did you?

One is oil based and sits on your skin, one has to be absorbed into your skin. Kinda makes me want to throw up. Last time I slathered oil on my skin was in my teens when I thought it was cool to get as brown as I could. I am paying for that mistake... but I also don't want chemicals to be absorbed into my skin.

Add Baby to the equation... oh dear! I generally just keep Atlas well covered in clothes, but when we are just out taking a walk and he is strapped to me, his legs and arms still get a lot of sunshine! The one day we went to the beach for a birthday party I DID put a thick layer all over him.. but we also got in the pool almost immediately, so I am sure it washed off pretty quick, the pool was also in the shade, so that probably helped.

I stumbled across this blog that talks about the different sunscreens, and she reviews a TON of natural ones! It is all just more information than I can absorb (har har) right now.

What do you use, when did you start using it... should I REALLY be concerned?

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