Saturday, July 10, 2010

Tandum Nursing

The whole idea seems to be beneficial. No one ever told me I could potentially nurse through pregnancy plus nurse and infant with my toddler. I have heard of women losing their milk... but I pump up to 30 oz a day ALONG WITH feeding my baby.. I might not have a problem.

Then I see this picture HERE and I am a little torn. I CAN see the beauty in it... but then I see never enjoying my own breasts again... or allowing my husband to at least. well he aint a "boob guy" anyhow.

What are your thoughts on this article?


  1. Well I am a tandem nurser still although I don't let them at me both together as they're too big and wriggly. The kids, not the breasts (those are small and wriggly).

    Many women lose milk but more than that, it can be very sensitive (translate PAINFUL) along with a reduced supply. You won't know until you are pregnant again because it may have no relationship to your current supply.

    I figure it's nature's way of testing how attached the current nurser really is to the activity. Alex was very attached and so didn't give up and didn't let me either :-) As always, it's a team decision. Plenty of children are pretty easy to wean during pregnancy because of it.

    Undoubtedly it can be yet another pressure on mummy to give. Having said that, don't assume that the alternative to nursing is easier than what you otherwise might do to soothe or attend your child.

  2. Thanks Jess! It always helps to hear the good the bad and the ugly from people who have been through it! I wish Jenny McCarthy had done it and written that book! Her others are great!

  3. I nursed 2 of mine at the same time, but my older was not thrilled when the new baby was born and my milk changed back to colostrum for a few days. But that being said, how cool that our bodies do that? Taking care of the new baby that way.