Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Firing your doctor

My cousin sent me this link. It made me laugh. On top of being extremely frugal ( I also have an adoration for Clark Howard and he always says that if you don't like what a company who works for YOU does... fire them. He is particularly fond of firing phone companies. However THIS article talks about being fired by your doctor simply because you aren't succumbing to his quick and simple birth surgery.

This woman just wanted to have a VBAC. As long as she isn't high risk and didn't have serious problems with the first CS and the healing process, then the risk is virtually nil. But sure, we like gore and being scared and watching horror movies and riding roller coaster. So when they tell us we will split open and then bleed to death or not be able to have another child, we fear and we give in.

Read THIS article on Newsweek: A Change Of Delivery - More women want to be able to have a baby naturally, even if they've had Caesareans. Research backs them up—so why won't doctors?

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