Sunday, April 14, 2019

Aura Veta Ellabeth Hazen - Born 4/10/19 - Fastest labor yet

I will update with new pictures when they arrive.
Precipitous labor is extremely rapid labor and delivery. It is defined as expulsion of the fetus within less than 3 hours of commencement of regular contractions (
However, my midwife says that I had been in early labor the whole day so it might not technically be "precipitous"

Atlas came at 37 weeks and 4 days. Aria came at 37 weeks and 5 days. "Baby #3" was due April 26th, but no way I would go that long. My prediction was between April 7th and 10th and this one would surely be almost 9 pounds. This one came at 37 weeks and 5 days, too. 

Early Monday morning I woke up to contractions for 2-3 hours. Not productive. Just practice, but maybe they were getting my body ready for birth. When I got up in the morning I lost significant amounts of plug. But that is no big deal, you can lose plug for weeks or months. I had started losing plug 2 days before my 30th week. It just regenerates, no big deal.

Monday I had a couple contractions, nothing to write home about. Pretty sure I didn't even mention it to Bob. We took the kids to school and I went for my jog and then did an hour on the elliptical, like normal... I catch up on emails and stuff while on it and it is such low impact it helps keeps my hips aligned and the constant motion helps when you experience Symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), that is when the hips separate unevenly or prematurely causing pain in every movement.

Monday night into Tuesday morning I had a whopping 2 contractions and got decent sleep except for the insomnia that accompanies most pregnancies.

Tuesday morning I woke up with pink plug. We walked the kids to school and I went for my jog thinking "this might be my last jog for a while." That made me both happy and a little sad. I got home and only did 30 minutes on the elliptical because I needed to pick up a few last minute gifts for my birth team. My midwife was going to come early for my weekly check-in and I needed to get home.

My midwife, Celeste McLeod of Celestial Midwifery, came by and I was dilated to a 2, maybe a 3... I ran off to Sam's to finish some last minute shopping. I told my mom I was having some contractions, but timing them was useless. I had planned for her to come, but then, discouraged and frustrated with things in life, told her let's wait another day. That night I went to bed and focused on stalling out. "I will start over tomorrow."

Wednesday morning I woke up early again and this time had brighter plug. I texted my midwife when I remembered around 9, after another "last run" and hour on the elliptical. She was checking on someone else that is due-ish before me, but over on the Space Coast which could take a while.

At noon I checked myself and could feel soft wrinkly something... and I could tell that I was about a 4. I went to Walmart to pick up new gaming headphones for Atlas to surprise him and when I got home through some dinner together and then headed to pick up the kids. Mom was going to leave her house at 3 and be at mine by 5. I told her to wait until Celeste could check me, I always doubt when I am in labor or how far along I could be.

Celeste was going to come check me when I got the kids home, but I had to get Aria to dance. We arrive at Rolann's School of the Dance at 3:30 and I was surprised to see my friend, Carla, who didnt normally go there sitting waiting on her daughter and I asked her to go walk with me. We left our girls dancing and our sons with tablets and walked and talked and walked and talked. At one point Carla tried to convince me to pretend I was in labor to freak out some kids playing basketball.

Got back to the studio and the contractions were steady. On the drive home I had 2 moderate contractions. Celeste wasn't far behind me. I got home at 5, and I hit the floor.

Contracting while on all 4s

Hitting the floor is what I have always done when contracting hard. It feels so good for my knees to be wide and able to rock in any direction on all fours.

I called my mom and told her, never mind the midwife checking, get here. She had just finished up her 4th tax return for the day and was packed so she headed out the door. She actually got here in record time. About an hour and a half ... and she never speeds! 

Celeste comes in and checks me... a 4. Yep, I know. ;)  She says she needs to take her dog out, it will only take an hour at most, she is in a nearby RV park bc she knows I birth fast and she wanted to be near... but she watched me for a second, laughed, and said, "Nope. Not leaving." And here I was, "Oh don't mind me I am fine!" 

I rush around doing a few things, hitting the floor when I needed to and then jumping back up. At one point Aria broke a glass in the kitchen and it took 2 contractions to sweep, vacuum, and wipe the counter. 

Bob was up to date as to where I was. At 5 I had texted him, "ctx pretty consistent, come home when you can." He replied that they wanted him to do a live shot downtown and did I think he had time? And I my reply was "yes. hurry." Which in my mind was "don't doddle, do your thing and come right home!." Luckily he took it as "No. Now. Home." So he called the station and turned around and headed back to get his truck and come home. He hit every light. and watched our door via Ring. 

Celeste starts filling up the pool. The ctx get pretty strong. I labor on the toilet. I labor on the floor. I cant go very many feet before the next one. I had been having 1 minute ctx, 1 minute breaks since she checked me, but by now (5:45?) they were on top of each other. It's amazing how you don't remember how intense they get. Which is a good thing bc many women would probably not go through labor again. IT'S JUST PRESSURE. 

I have no idea what the kids are doing or who is in my house or what time it is. I know at one point my grandfather called me and when he trailed off talking about someone I told him I needed to go. 

I go to the bedroom and change into my bathing suit. Bob walks in, then walks out to help Celeste. I remember being out in the living room behind the table and then realizing I need to throw up or pee or both and Celeste got me back to the bathroom and handed me the trash can. I didn't throw up. When I thought I was between ctxs, I tried to stand up to move back out to the room I heard a pop. It was amazing!! I have never heard it before. I forget exactly when my water broke with Atlas, but he was crowning; I was in water when Aria's waters ruptured so I didn't hear or feel that. I looked and it wasn't much water, but it was like a small water balloon that I watched hit the water. I yelled "WATERS" and Celeste tried to get me back to the bed... she wanted me on my back, but I don't know how to get on a bed on my back without sitting first and apparently the baby was right there so that wasn't happening. I crawled up on all fours and got pretty vocal... again, no clue where the kids were or who was in my house. It was super intense and while I didn't have a ring of fire, I felt a sting towards the front.

Often when a woman is laboring on her back, you put a warm wash cloth on her perineum and apply pressure so that it doesn't tear and you can push it over the baby's head. That is what Celeste did for the front and it made a world of difference. ... except we didn't have anything warm. Whatever she did it was amazing. 

I think the head came out and then the rest of the body shot out with a gush of fluid. This might be in my head, but I just remember her coming out and a waterfall spray of waters. No clue how it was all cleaned up or where it went... maybe I imagined it. (Confirmed with Celeste that that was pretty much how it happened. The bulk of the waters were behind the baby and just helped her on out.) Midwives are magical. Apparently Cara Dezso, the photographer had arrived and caught the last minute of when Celeste put the baby up through my legs and under me. She was born at 6:14pm.

Aura had just been born. Umbilical cord still connected us.
I remember looking at her and thinking "OK now what? Can I leave her there and just enjoy breathing for a minute?" I know my kids were right there at that point. At some point I rolled over and Bob packed a bunch of pillows under my head.

I love how Aria thinks she did something! LOL
Both kids are so happy to have a baby sister. Atlas wanted a brother but about mid-way through the pregnancy he decided that the gender really didn't matter. We had been telling him that God knew what a great brother he was to a little sister that He just didn't want to mess that dynamic up. Also... he never has to share anything. There is that. 

I am in LOVE with placentas!!! They are the most amazing organ. I can grow an extra organ that can sustain life. That is pretty remarkable. 

Once again, my dear mother showed up minutes after the birth. While it would have been nice to get her here faster, I know how incredibly lucky I am to have had her there minutes later. She really didn't miss anything the kids didn't miss while they sat on the couch with their tablets. 

The fancy undies are always my favorite. Here I am modeling the latest style with the little printed bow in the front. ;)

Celeste was ready for the cord... but I am stubborn and kept delaying. The placenta took about 45 minutes to an hour to detach. Didn't really rush it though bc the labor was so fast, it hadn't time to catch up. When it finally did release and come out I had such relief. It is indescribable and remarkable.

I didn't cut the cord until 8:10 (tried to get the kids to do it but nope) and then Celeste walked us through the newborn exam.

  • 6 pounds 8 ounces (on day 2 checkup, she was 6lbs 1oz)
  • 13 inch head
  • 13.5 inch chest
  • 19 inches long
  • 10/10 APGAR score as soon as she got a little snot out that was gurgling.

I must tell you, midwives are ahhmazing people. I've been through birth before, but every time I learn more. Every time I forget my fair share, too. My midwife is always available for support. They grow into part of the family. It's wonderful to have a midwife you love and trust!

I'm a little obsessed with birth and have spent a decent amount of time in birthwork, so it was quite a treat to get to practice on my own baby with my own tools.

This is the moment my heart burst open. The name I had been obsessed with for months, was confirmed as the name we will use. I looked at Bob and he said I could use the name I loved sooooo much. 

Aura - (Or-a)
Veta - (Vey-da) - My late grandmother's name, but she went by "Vee-ta"
Ellabeth - My MIL's name is Estelle, we call her Stella. My mom's middle name is Elizabeth, as is her mom's middle name, and my step-mom's first name

Initials spell out AVEH... which sounds like "Ava" which is the name Atlas wanted. 

I never got to use my birthing pool with the pretty lights and banners of affirmations strung up behind it, but Aria has read the banners aloud to me, daily, for weeks and I look looking at it... not sure when it is coming down. In theory it was all beautiful and I think I will go into business staging birthing areas. 

I never got to play my birth music.

I never got to record the birth video.

I never got to have Aria get in the pool with me like she had decided to do the night before. 

The nevers do not matter. It was a lot of extra. This baby is amazing. And this birth was very simple. 

Celeste McLeod - Midwife

Cara Dezso - Birth Photographer
Cara asked Atlas what he thought, he said he almost cried. Cara said she did cry and Atlas admitted that he did too. He is a cool kid. He feels when I feel, I love that connection. 

Other things he had said through the night (will add more) - "Mom are you in birth?" 
Aria said it was the best day of her life.