Thursday, January 14, 2010

Random Musing

When I was a child... We had a van and when we went on road trips I took my imaginary friends with me... The Littles.

I loved it... they fit in my pocket and no one knew they were there... they were my little secret. Invisible as they were, they were still all mine. My little buddies to carry with me whenever. All I needed was a pocket or a shoulder for them to sit on.

It's kinda silly, but I LOVE being pregnant for that reason... I carry my little buddy with me all the time and he is all mine for several more weeks.. except when I wonder if he is off exploring or being chased by big mean cats, I can put my hand on him and know he is still there.

Anne Geddes says: Babies, they are like little balls of magic!

I LOVE my little bump of magic!

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